Pre-marital Counseling

Seacoast Vineyard church wants happy, secure and thriving marriages. Marriage the way God had in mind when he placed you, as a couple, in relationship to one another. Pre-marital counseling is designed to aid couples with communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, and navigating spiritual beliefs together. During the 5 weeks of guided sessions couples explore strength and growth areas, learn how to strengthen communication skills, identify and manage major stressors, resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model, and develop a more balanced relationship. It is an important and constructive time to explore family of origin issues that may not have come to mind before. All couples can benefit from discussing financial planning and budgeting as they establish personal, couple and family goals. Healthy couples understanding and appreciating personality differences can offer couples a growing intimacy and respect for each other.

Pre-marital counselors at Seacoast Vineyard use Prepare-Enrich, a tested professional assessment tool that has been used by over 3 million couples and 100,000 clergy members to guide constructive discussions for couples worldwide. Each counselor has received hours of intensive training with the assessment, as well as experience with counseling couples from all back rounds and situations. Contact the Pastoral Care team if you have questions or would like further information.

The following fees apply:

Prepare-Enrich fee       $35 (Paid directly to Prepare-Enrich)

Session Fee                   $40 each session (5 sessions required)