We are a group of ordinary people who are trying to learn together what it means to follow Jesus. We are casual, welcoming, spiritually passionate, and open to the Holy Spirit invading our lives in any way He so desires. 

Sometimes people get confused, and ask, "Are you a Charismatic church, or a conservative evangelical church?" Our answer is "yes." We desire to be firmly biblically based, with a good, healthy theology. We also hunger for the activity of the Holy Spirit, like we read in the life of Jesus and the Book of Acts. 

We want to throw out a huge "welcome mat" to "whosoever." Therefore, we try to "do church" in such a way that the unchurched, churched-out, and followers of Christ, can get something out of gathering together. 

A big value for us is relationship. Therefore, we encourage each other to gather in smaller groups, develop friendships, get some help in following Jesus, and learn how to do life together becoming the people Jesus desires for us to be.