We love children here at Seacoast, so we want each and every child to experience God’s love and kindness in a safe and caring environment. Our ministry aims to connect Kids & Families to God through Seacoast Vineyard. We don’t separate parents from the children’s ministry but rather want to team up with parents as a resource and voice to raise children who seek an authentic relationship with Jesus. 

VINEKIDS is Sunday mornings during each service.

Because our children are precious to us, volunteering in any area of our Vinekids Team requires an application and background check. If you are interested in serving, you may fill out a form which can be found in our "SERVING" Catalog at the information kiosk in the Lobby or the Vinekids Check-in Desk, and turn it in at the Vinekids Check-in Desk. 

We currently divide the children into 4 areas in our Vinekids wing:

Nursery (birth – 12 months, or walking)

Toddlers (1-2 year olds) 

PreK (3 -5 year olds) 

Big Kids (Kindergarten-5th Grade) 

Vinekids incorporates Worship, Outreach, and Maturing in age appropriate ways. Through worship, teaching, small groups, and fun, hands-on activities, we aim to introduce who God is, how much He loves us, and what Jesus did for us. We are passionate about sharing and showing the love of God to you and your family!

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